Understanding “Beyonds” Experiences

There is a place called beyonds and I get there on occasion. I get there with my daughter (a beyonds relationship) and with my sweet one (he and I go beyonds in the depth of love) and with my career every once in a while.

It’s a place where things are so right and so sweet that songs get written and babies get conceived.

I was visiting my cousin-ish on the East Coast (she is the daughter of my grandfather’s sister) and she held a boy she babysits in her arms and I saw the beyonds. She taught him to dance and the love was so fresh and so sweet and the way he held her was a beyonds kind of thing.

I write and create books and sometimes they go beyond this reality into a new place of being and I have no idea how the words showed up they just do. Even when I read the passages from them I have to ask myself how those words got on the page, drenched in beauty and poetic resonance.

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So when I go to search for beyonds I am curious — can I get there if I try to go there? If it doesn’t just show up as if by magic? Can I invite this way of being into my world?

I’m getting yes.

The first step is knowing that it is true — the beyonds house, the beyonds loving, the beyonds relationships with the kids, the beyonds career, the beyonds body…what else?

So then from trusting there is something better, there is asking for more and being open to more. Being open to intimacy if you’ve had some rough patches. Being open to letting some others know you and appreciate you.

To shift deeper is to recognize the moments as precious and acknowledge they got there for a purpose. And to invite them in more often, and more often, and more often. The depth of loving and being on soul purpose.

The living life wild and free so you can create and out-create anything you created yesterday.

Spirit will fill up your sails with wind and carry you into the next vibration of being.

Being a yes to it is the beginning. Being willing is next. Taking inspired action is the next — and releasing judgment of not living beyonds all the time always before you knew what you know now.

And that open-ness that the beyonds might show up when least expected, dressed up in different clothing and sharing a wisdom beyond years.

Trust that. Trust your purpose, and trust your knowing.

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