The Process for Receiving Validation From a Crossed Over Loved One

A validation is so comforting to receive when you have lost someone, and yet, sometimes these messages can be elusive. Here are some steps you can take to become more open to validation from spirit.

One of my clients was interested in knowing if her dad was still loving her from the other side. She lost him to cancer, and she missed him dearly. She said “I asked for a song on the radio, I don’t understand, he never sends it.”

We looked deeper into this because a song on the radio is actually a great way for spirit to communicate. As it turned out, she was getting in the car for four- and five-minute trips, and asking for an exceptionally uncommon song to show up. It takes a little time for things to work sometimes, and each spirit connection with a human is unique.

We moved the validation to “Any song by the Eagles,” instead of one specific old Irish ballad. Suddenly she was hearing the Eagles all the time! Every time she asked her dad if he was present, she would hear the Eagles music on the radio.


For me, I ask my mom to send me daisies, and when I’m driving, I will notice daisies everywhere. When I’d like to have a message from my grandma, it’s butterflies. Now most recently, the spirit of the artist known as Prince has crossed. It’s easy to ask to see the color purple when his spirit would like to show you it is there and willing to share.

So ask for validations. Don’t fear this. It’s a fun way of knowing spirit is there for you, particularly when you care about the person and they likely still care about you from the other side. When you focus on loving vibrations, this is likely to quicken the spirit’s opportunities to send you validations.

Pets very frequently send you validations, especially if the pet slept with you or was always physically near your body. You can ask for the color of their favorite toy, maybe even the object of their favorite toy to show up in your world as a validation that the pet still loves you from the other side.

Once you experience a validation, sit with it, and honor it for a moment. The process of sending you a validation requires energy from spirit. So honor this. Stop and be in awe of this.

My favorite validations are songs on the radio, flowers, butterflies, and random bits of things. Once when I was asking the spirit of Maya Angelou to send me a message, I actually saw one of her quotes on the spine of a magazine at the beauty salon.

Be in awe and be in appreciation when spirit send you messages. These are meant to give you energy, awareness, joy, and to confirm what you were maybe already wondering or thinking about.

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