Suspending Disbelief: Tool for Connecting to Spirit

Suspending disbelief is a core element of connecting to spirit.

Plus listening to your gut first initial reaction is almost always on target. Once I did a reading and the dad wasn’t talkative at all. He showed up. I remember him being kind of slender and just standing there not saying anything. That’s always interesting. So I said he isn’t saying much.

She says “He didn’t ever say much.”

So that was a validation.

Suspending disbelief is when you say that even though something shows up that could be from spirit and seems to want to tell you something that you listen before doubting.

For me that’s still something that plays a role all the time because it is so easy to doubt!

Being true to the intuition or guidance is the next calibration up. So first you suspend disbelief, then you take it a notch higher and act on intuition or guidance when it is going in the direction of what you’ve been asking to receive.

And, don’t ever give up.


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