Paul Walker Inspired Messages for a Monday

mustang he liked

Fast cars and beautiful women, places where he could travel and places where the world knew who he was — waking up joy for living. The spirit of Paul Walker lives on and the funny thing for me is I wasn’t that aware of his spirit when he was alive.

As his spirit began to show me the world, through different eyes, I was given a gift and I treasure that experience.

The generative questions that showed up this weekend as I received some more messages were something like this:

Are you loving your life enough? Are you living full enough? Are you traveling enough? Do you spend time with your kids now, because in a few minutes they’ll be grown and you don’t get that time back!

As I received not just the questions but the energy of the questions I looked around at the crashing defeat of my life. Now, not every part is a crashing defeat. But in so many places, I gave up my beauty and gave up my willingness to experience life full out.

paul and meadow

Do you live your life full?

Do you listen to the whispers of spirit giving you guidance and love?

Is there one small step you could take today into your dream life? Are you willing to take it?

Vaya con los angeles, for their wings will carry you far.

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