Messages from Tupac


When I connected to the spirit of Tupac it usually happened right after I listened to one of the songs of his I like the most “Keep Ya Head Up,” and so the message I received first was an ask to apologize to his mom for him leaving the way he left the planet.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, he was a singer and rapper and lost his life in a violent killing.
On the other side, what I got was he takes full responsibility for being at that place, at that time.

He’d like to have teens know that choosing the people you hang around can be a life or death decision.

He’s like to ask the young men to step up and father the children they are making.

He’d like to ask the young women to ask for more and be strong in who they are.

He would like to thank everyone who stood up with him and stood with him and made music with him, he appreciates you still.

He’s not hurting now, but he was hurting a lot of his time on earth. His heart hurt and he worked his body too hard.

He made choices that ended up killing him.

You have one life. Live it now. Be that truth of you that no one can take from you – and change it if you don’t like it.

Disclaimer: This information is shared for entertainment only!