How Can I Be Happy when Death is Sad?

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This bridge from life to the afterlife is so beautiful and misunderstood.

Your place on earth is beautiful and often misunderstood.

You show up with propensities and cellular memories and spiritual connectivities with your tribe. There’s a tribe and it’s not about race although race can play in it. There’s a tribe and it’s about what makes your heart sing.

When you stand in the energy of what makes your heart sing you are true and this truth shines so much bigger than you can imagine on the other side.

As you seek and uncover your truth you will be standing stronger in your own dominant energy.

From early ages children are pushed away from who they are by sometimes well-meaning adults, sometimes plain old rotten adults. I remember one of my gifted child's teachers getting so frustrated with her because of her speech. A few years later a different teacher was fully in adoration of my daughter. She blossomed that year by several grade levels in every subject.

What is it that causes small people to try to take down spirit? I don't know but as I keep my spirit on high, everything falls into place.

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Now when you leave the body, your spirit is free again. This is experienced differently by different beings. So there is not a "this is exactly what happens when you leave your body." For once I experienced a near death moment when I was given too much pain killer by the dentist. I floated off as if on water and saw the roles of each of my family and why I chose them. I came back, and switched off of those pain medications.

Since I am blessed to speak to those from the other side who have left the body, I can share some observations that may be more common than not ... there is a joy of being in a new space without the body if the body was old or sick or hurting. There is a joy if being unfettered especially if this lifetime was particularly harsh. Now when life was good and it was an accident, then there is maybe a moment of surprise, like "What happened?" then a getting with the business of being in spirit.

Some spirits would like to be born again in bodies, others will not.

In my experience there is not "a single rule" except one single thing that I have heard and keep hearing is to live for today. To live as big and as beautiful as you can today. To experience each moment in this lifetime as fully as you can experience it.

Do not turn down for anything. Turn it up.

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