Change One Thing in Your Life Today – Wayne Dyer

Right after the spiritual, energy and self help icon Wayne Dyer passed away, I began to receive exceptionally kind and clear messages from spirit.

So as life would have it (spirit and synchronicity being what it is) the very next day, I received a message from a PBS producer and I was copied with other PBS producers including one of the women who worked closely with him.

The messages got stronger! I called her and read spirit, and it was a touching session of spirit. The messages for her aren’t for public but I can ask him a few things right now for you!


Here are some of the key learnings he shares:

Tune into what you might regret when you die and do something about it right now.

Love your family with all of your being, and don’t be controlled by them, at the same time.

If you’ve got creative works on your “hard drive,” they aren’t changing the world. Get them into the world by publishing and a web site a blog a video series an audio series and a book — all of these “count” because you change the world by being you.

Good times are coming.

Ask and then receive.

It’s really that easy, ask, and be willing to take inspired action. Take inspired action right now. Open up for more and bigger and it will all show up. Thank you Erica for listening.

That’s what showed up today!

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