A Death Too Young

When a person leaves the body unexpectedly, it’s different for everyone – it is more challenging for the person’s loved ones, and it is also challenging for the spirit. I see this with the spirit of Prince (the musician), the spirit of Paul Walker (the movie star) and the spirit of my cousin, a veterinarian who was killed when he stopped by his office noticing the lights were on late one June night.

Initially you reach for answers, but answers don’t always come easily.

Initially you ask “Why” and why isn’t always known immediately.

Surprise makes for bigger, deeper wounds and more challenges with the healing.

Messages from spirit are available, and the spirit of the loved one can communicate with you from the other side.

Sometimes you need to let some time lapse for the spirit to “get” what happened, themselves.
Other times the spirit is ready to talk right away.

Sometimes the spirit gets why they left, other times the spirit is confused also, and says something like “What just happened?”

So there is no sweeping ‘one truth always true’ cookie-cutter answer I could share that would make all the pain go away.

Each entity, each lifetime, each body, each family, each situation, each is one-of-a-kind. Every situation is one-of-a-kind. That’s why when we reach for answers sometimes we get them and other times answers are elusive.

So for the spirit of Prince, when I ask, I see he couldn’t take the pain in his body anymore. It was done. He lives to make music and his spirit is still here to encourage music. If you are a budding songwriter or musician, his spirit is here and will come over to inspire upon request. It’s a very big spirit, his is a very beautiful spirit. He has some regrets, but maybe not what you might see as regrets. He was greeted when he crossed, and that’s personal, he has things he keeps to his family and himself. He would like philanthropy to happen with the wealth he left.

prince on guitar

For the spirit of Paul Walker, he would like more philanthropy for the foundations that were built with his legacy. He adores the “random acts of kindness” above all others. That theme is paramount to who he was. He is in spirit on the other side giving random acts of kindness now. He loved being a celebrity! His celebrity family was closer (Fast and Furious) than his blood family.


For the spirit of my cousin Rich, he is sad about so many things he lost and left. He has a lot of regrets and he doesn’t acknowledge how many lives he changed with his kindness and his gifts with animals. His bigger animal family was there greeting him when he crossed. He had considered suicide so many times, and to leave with a murder was actually easier for him. He sends love to all of his children and the woman he loved. He was at the family wedding last month, and he is with his mom on the other side. He doesn’t care about the details of the murder and doesn’t want to focus on it further. It’s more about what can happen now, and he would like more science of animals to move forward to give solutions to illnesses that he says can absolutely be solved. He wishes he had more time to do more science and healing work. The veterinary path was one he chose with perfect “being on soul purpose”.


So three different spirits, three completely different readings.

How can you live today bigger and brighter so when your spirit leaves you don’t have so many regrets?

That is truly the life lesson. What can you choose today that is even more magic, and more beautiful, and more you than you even knew you could be or do? That. Choose that. And spirit will bring its own rewards.

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